Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday season. I had a fairly good go of it, we did a tour of both families and as you can imagine ate a lot of food. My little niece experienced her first Christmas; it wasn't so nice at first, she had a terrible lung infection for a few days but fortunately the antibiotics started kicking in Christmas day so she wasn't too miserable and could get excited about all her new shiney toys and books.

I just finished this stamp and I am thoroughly pleased with myself. I tried stamping it with kids craft paint, it worked out well enough but I couldn't get an even application. Also I don't think I let the glue dry long enough (it has a long curing time) because when I washed the paint out, the glue turned all white again. Oh well, I am still happy with it.

Etsy Finds
I love (window)shopping on etsy. There are so many fantastic things that you can find there. I would love to start featuring things I find every week that I am particularly fond of. Since it is new year's day and time for resolutions, I will start out with one of my resolutions: to read more intelligently, to read a book and not forget halfway through what I had already read. Here are a few fun book and reading related items that I am charmed by:

{1} Genuine Fish Leather Bookmark by Stacy Studios
These absolutely fascinating bookmarks are made of fish leather, in the shape of fish if you can imagine! They are colourful, they are charming, they are unique, they hold your page; what more could you ask for?

{2} Book Re^marks - Magestic Mr. Owl 3-pack by The Sherwood Press
These little bookmark notebooks are the most clever idea. They hold your page and also allow you someplace to take notes, (that isn't the margin of your books! Not that I would do that, oh no, never.) What a great way to keep track of information and thoughts, definately something I could make use of.

{3} Custom Ex Libris Bookplate Rubber Stamp by The Mayberry Sparrow
My own attempt to carve a bookplate stamp pales in comparison to the absolutely sweet work in this shop. Bookplates are a wonderful way to introduce a little personalized artwork to your beloved book collection; also it serves as a gentle reminder to those who borrow and don't return books. I have been craving these for a while, they are just so pretty.

{4} A Reader's Diary by Green Chair Press
Someone bought this just today! Still I love it. It lets you keep track of what you read, when, and what you thought of it. I admit I have a neurotic attraction to listing things, and stationary for listing things, and the silly rating system would make me smile with every use. I am sure the seller will post more, or would be glad to fill your request if you, like me, NEED one.

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