Monday, December 29, 2008

Monogram Stamp -Works in Progress

Truthfully I have been a little obsessed with the whole monogram thing lately. I have another project in the works that is H related. I confess that I am a fairly newly wed and the "eeeee!!!" sensation hasn't worn off yet.

This is a stamp that I am cutting out of fun foam, it's roughly 5x12.5cm. If it is not clear, it is supposed to be an H with leaves sprouting from the middle. It's pretty basic but we all have to start somewhere, and the foam doesn't seem to hold details well. It's also a little rough in spots but perhaps that will be a part of its charm. I'm going to glue it onto another piece of fun foam that's the same size, I don't think that I will stiffen it any further than that mainly because I don't have anything to use. My intent is kind of a book plate stamp sort of deal. I have been eying them for a long time but can't afford to have a nice custom stamp carved for me. We all have to work with what he have on hand these days; this was made from some scraps I had left over from making my small crochet blocking board at the beginning of this year using the ever handy craft knife we all have. We'll see how it ends up.

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