Saturday, January 10, 2009

Etsy Finds: Financial edition

This second instalment of Etsy finds is inspired by another of my resolutions: become even stronger with my budget. I have always been good with money, I am naturally frugal, but I feel that I could be better. Of course buying things doesn't really help you save money but one can look and maybe gather inspiration.

{1} Cash Ledger - Green on Tan by OrangeBeautiful
This handy little ledger book helps you keep track of that spending, as it happens. This is the first line in defense when it comes to your budget, properly kept it is a real time display of how much (or how little) money you have left.

{2} Mesquite Postal Bank - Keyed by Williams' Mesquite
This is a fine example of a piggy bank, save that it isn't a piggy at all. It's a handsome way for grownups to save that loose change, not to mention it looks as though this bank will last near forever. With keyed access, it is a fantastic alternative to those sometimes just as pricey, one time use break-open banks.

{3} Set of 3 Notebooks Made From Upcycled Monopoly Money by Vintage Paper Works
If these aren't a deal I don't know what is. These sweet little Monopoly notebooks could hold your shopping lists as a playful reminder to keep on track at the store. Who knows, if you save enough you can buy a hotel on the Boardwalk!

{4} Money Drawing Votives Set of 6 by The White Magick Shoppe
A little white magic couldn't hurt, if these candles will help draw money to you. Even if you don't believe in magic, there's nothing wrong with lighting a few nice green and scented candles to relax after vigorous financial planning, or while you contemplate your next big fiscal decision.

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