Monday, January 26, 2009

Tiring Weekend

I know I didn't intend on this being a "personal events" blog however we will have to cope. Pussums, my furry baby, has been taking seizures. I had suspected he was for a while but thought I was just being paranoid, or a hypochondriac on his behalf (I had convinced myself that he was just having kitty dreams because all told they have only started recently and had not been that bad, and I am a known worry-wort). However this weekend he took his worst yet. We saw the vet right away and Puss is on anti-convulsants now and we're having a series of tests done to figure out what is wrong. Admittedly I haven't been sleeping much because I have been staying up late to keep an eye on him; he only seems to take the seizures in the night while he is sleeping. I also have to keep an eye on him by day, as his pills are making him wobbly. He's just not used to them yet and keeps stumbling around, falling off stuff and getting trodden on. It comes at a time when our budget is tight; we were going to have his teeth fixed up next month, but since it has come down to one thing or another, treating his seizures is definately more important. He's a bit of an old codger at 10-12 (he was pretty well a stray, his former owners didn't keep track of these things before we adopted him from them about 2 years ago), but I am hoping to get him up to at least 17years as long as they are healthy years.

I tried sitting down to do some serious sewing today, but I just ended up sewing wrong pieces together and falling asleep at my sewing machine, I am just pooped. Thankfully I didn't end up with any pins or scissors stuck in my face, what a thing to wake up to!

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