Friday, January 30, 2009

Craftster Bookmark Swap

It seems like all my swap partners have gotten their bookmarks as I have gotten good feedback on my craftster profile. Being that I no longer have to worry about ruining the surprise I'll post them up here. The images can be clicked for larger views.

For Taniquel who loves birds and nature. I really like the translucent effect that was created by cuting around the inside of the image and attaching blue tissue paper to the back; it is, of course laminated for strength. I love chickadees, for the record.

For gamemom42 who likes owls, kitties and trashy scottish romance. Not being familiar with the genre myself I googled, and this bookmark was totally inspired by The Scotsman's Bride (which seemed to fit the bill as trashy, scottish and romance) combined with the poem "the Owl and the Pussy Cat". What fun! The orange of her hair photographed more nuclear in colour than it was in real life, by the by.

For Oyhana who happens to like trees and black and white things. I drew a sugar maple because they used to grow prolifically in my parents' yard and I had a hard time pulling up these cute little seedlings, I totally lucked out because as it turns out Oyhana's favourite trees are sugar maples. I really like drawing in this style.

For stuckmachinic who likes music and animals. Who can really say no to a squirrel playing a lute, for serious? As with the owl and pussy cat one, the orange is a wee bit on the wild side in regards to intensity in the photo compared to real life. I tried to fit something of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite as the background as it would suit perfectly, but it wouldn't play nice, we ended up by a piece by Grieg instead.

I have no kitty related updates. Pussums is still wobbly from his meds, and we still haven't gotten our test results back. I am just stuck on worry mode.

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