Monday, February 2, 2009

Embroidered Heating Bag Cover

This is a project that has been awaiting its completion for just about a month now I estimate. It was one of those projects that makes you go crosseyed. At first I thought the blue was an awesome addition to pink and black, but working with it was something else entirely. Satin stitch, whipped chain stitch, running stitch and french knots on a piece of stash scrap.
I like the idea of removable covers for heating bags, because the idea that the bag cannot be washed and gets all full of body dirt just makes me kind of grossed out. Please excuse the hairs on it in the picture. Pussums, my kitty, is friends with the heating bag and he likes to snuggle its warmness.

In kitty news, Puss is adjusting to his meds, slowly. He's regaining some balance, but he still looks pretty drunk sometimes. Also he is getting his saucy personality back which is a major plus in my opinion. He's still not 100% but working on it :)

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