Thursday, February 5, 2009

Damask Inspired Cutwork Hankie, Work In Progress

How is that for a nice long title? I am suspecting this to take a while, I am hoping 15 hours tops, but I would not be surprised if it meandered into the 20-25h range. I am looking at the viability of hand cutwork as a saleable craft in this day and age. And the more I look at it the less likely it seems mainly due to the time involved and reasonable recompense for that time. Maybe if I do something simpler and forgo hand turning a rolled hem (break my heart) for the quicker, but less supple and lovely, machined hem.

I wanted to do a more complex design this time just to keep interest levels up, so I sketched something up that had been inspired by damask patterns. There are a lot of pins holding my curved bridges in place untill they are worked, I have never done curved bridges and I don't think I have ever seen them done intentionally on handworked pieces, uncharted territory! I have a plan - I think. I am also terribly excited by the fabric, no 2 yards of which are the same, I have a lot of it, in different colours, and a lot of ideas for it.

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