Thursday, April 23, 2009

Owl Needlebook

So this needlbook was actually started long before the last one that I had posted. It was one of those projects that kind of just got set aside and I only really remembered it after I completed that other one for the swap I was in on Craftster.
I really liked that owl so much that I wanted to keep it but figured since I already sort of had my own that I may as well keep my end of the bargain.

This little fella was needle felted; the white part from loose fibres, and the creamy part of crochet fabric. It was kind of an experiment as the fibre content of the felted yarn is actually mostly synthetic (!!) but it seemed to work out just fine, especially in the case of the loose fibres. In anycase, it's been embroidered with crochet cotton from the stash, a few pieces of bought felt. As you can see from the only in-progress shot, my owl has a heart. When I was attatching the wing I wanted more reinforcement, had red felt and thought, "why not, really?"

The embroidery of my name isn't terribly clear in these shots, however you can see that this book can hold both the rediculously large needles and your more standard sizes. (Truthfully though there are only two actual needles in the picture, all my needles are off some place stuck in various pieces of fabric, so I improvised for the sake of illustration with some pins.)

There are a number of different stitches used, back-stitch, lazy-daisies, bullion stitch, french knots, satin stitch, fly stitch, chain stitch that's been run over, misc. running stitches, overcast, and a really lame attempt at Japanese darning (though in my defence sewing through what was once crochet fabric, with varying density throughout the new felt cloth, made it very difficult to keep the more geometric pattern even).

Truthfully I have had this fella done for at least a week, however this week has been an uphill battle to say the least. Between being fought back by my camera, my makeshif light-tent imploding, losing my camera cable, a cat that is pooping and barfing everywhere, finishing my taxes... and the big whammy, I've been laid off; on Friday I was told Monday was my last shift which hardly left me with the ability to make plans for anything else. They think maybe they will have work for me again in a month, but who knows really. I've been left scrambling tring to figure what I am going to do about it all. I have actually been embroidering a lot, and if I can convince my ol' man to come out so that we can get batteries for my camera, I am thinking I will be able to post in progress pictures of that hanky that I have been working on so much lately. Lourd knows now I have the time...


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  1. wow! your so talented!
    amazing and adorable :)