Sunday, March 8, 2009


Wow it's been a while. I was very sick for a couple weeks and while I thought that all the missed time at work would give me a chance to do a little extra crafting, as it turned out I was really unable to. On my embroideries I ended up pulling each stitch at least 3 times, every stitch of crochet that I had done has also been frogged, an ACEO (art card) that I was making for a friend smeared and warped and had to be tossed, all just beacause of the glaring errors that I had made the whole way through. I couldn't function that well, it was a flu, I had a pretty bad fever. The only thing that I ended up being able to do was to weave in ends on the afghan project that I have had ongoing for a while now.

I'm sorry for the delay, I am surprised to see that I still have people stopping by every now and then. I will do better.

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