Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Embroidery Pattern

So I have been having a pretty sh*tty go of it for a while now. I am so cross and drained.

In hoping that spring would just warm up and stop snowing already, also in the need for cheer, I have designed a sun-shower set of embroidery patterns. My favourite is the happy sun, with its rosy cheeks (not sure if that is apparent) and its wavy sunrays; followed closely by the very cute cloud. You should be taken directly to the full image by clicking on the above image, that is if I did the code correctly. The patterns are free to use for personal projects, please don't use it to sell, redistribute the pattern, or alter it and claim the design as your own. If anyone uses the pattern I would be absolutely thrilled to see what you make of it! So if you don't mind, email me and show me. :D

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